Tax Sale

The land tax sale is held the fourth Monday of August every year at 10:00 am on the Courthouse steps.

Please note that taxpayers have up to the day of the sale to pay and be removed from the sale.  We will attempt to update the list once a week.

Tax Sale List
The list for the tax sale contains the parcel number, name, brief land description, and amount due.  We do not inventory properties by address.  There are maps available in the assessor’s office for viewing. The legal notice of the Tax Sale runs in the Montgomery Standard newspaper for three weeks.  Starting bid for these properties will be the amount listed.

The online list contains the same list that is published in the newspaper, as well as a list of subsequent third offering properties.   These are properties that we have attempted to sell at least three times and are required to be advertised only once every five years.  Opening bid for these properties will be $30.00, which will be applied to record the Collector’s Deed.  The purchaser will also be responsible for paying the county and city taxes listed (taxes that have not been advertised) before a deed can be issued.


2020 Tax Sale

List will be posted mid July.




2019 Tax Sale

2019 Tax Sale List (RESULTS)


2018 Tax Sale





Tax Sale Results 2017

2017 Subsequent Third Offering Parcels-Results

Tax Sale Results 2016 (Adobe PDF 7mb)


Tax Sale Documents
Tax Sale Information
 Tax Sale Information (Adobe PDF 327kb)
Delinquent Tax Affidavit
Tax Sale Delinquent Tax Affidavit (Adobe PDF 110kb)
Non-Resident Affidavit
Non Resident Affidavit (Adobe PDF 7kb)