Before explaining the operations of the Patrol Division, I feel it is necessary to explain the area that our Patrol Division covers when answering calls for service on a daily basis.

Geography of Montgomery County

  • 542 Square Miles
  • 18 Communities
  • 28 State Lettered Highways
  • 3 State Numbered Highways
  • 1 Interstate 70 East
  • 1 Interstate 70 West
  • 2 Services Roads to Interstate 70
  • 370 Graveled County Roads and/or Private Lanes

For an approximate total of (excluding city streets):  

  • 275 miles of State Highways
  • 79 miles of Interstate
  • 636 miles of Graveled County Roads and/or Private Lanes

The Patrol Division is the most visible division and perform functions that most people associate with law enforcement. Those are the deputies out in the field answering calls for service, conducting criminal investigations, business checks, serving civil papers, enforcing traffic laws and making on-view criminal arrests. The K9 Unit, Investigations, and Resource Deputy are all assigned to the Patrol Division. The Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division is the only 24 hour a day, 7 days a week law enforcement agency within Montgomery County.  The Patrol Division responds to calls for service through the rural areas of the county and communities when municipal law enforcement officers are busy or not on-duty.