Tax Bills Mailed November 3, 2017

Tax bills are being mailed today, November 3, 2017, by the County Collector’s office. Bills are mailed to the last address provided to the assessor’s office.  Please contact the Collector’s office at 573-564-2389 if you do not receive your bills by December 1, 2017.   Payment must be received or postmarked by December 31, 2017 to avoid interest and penalties.

Please notice there is a change in your bills this year. A tax summary sheet is included if you have more than one bill.  The summary adds the bills listed and provides you with a total.  Please look over all your bills in your envelope to double check you have everything you own.  Property bought and sold recently may not be reflected in your bills.  Vehicle changes must be made with the assessor’s office.  They may be reached at 572-564-2445.

State statutes have changed beginning January 1, 2018 regarding penalties for paying late.  The penalty will increase from previous years.  The assessor’s office’s penalty for turning in your assessment sheet late will also increase.

Please visit the Collector page for information regarding payments and office hours.