Payments may be mailed to:

Montgomery County Collector
Attn: Anita L. Sullivan
P.O. Box 2
Montgomery City, MO 63361

  • Please note any address changes when mailing in your payment. The receipt will be mailed to the address on your statement, if no change is requested.
  • Payments made for the incorrect amount, or checks incorrectly written, will be returned.
  • Payments must be postmarked by December 31st or sooner. Payments postmarked after December 31st will be returned for interest and penalty.  PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR POST OFFICE FOR CLOSING/PICK-UP TIMES.  MAIL LEFT IN YOUR MAILBOX OR AFTER HOURS AT THE POST OFFICE MAY NOT BE POSTMARKED ON TIME.
  • Payments made after December 31st, please use delinquent payment chart. These payments must be postmarked the month you are trying to pay.


Payment in Person:
Payments may be made in the office located at:
Courthouse Annex
310 Salisbury, Suite C
Montgomery City, MO 63361
We accept cash, check, or credit card (fees will apply).


Using Credit/Debit Cards:
We have three options to pay by credit/debit card. Convenience fees will apply. Fees are not kept by the Collector or the County. These fees are collected by the company who makes the service available.

*Over the counter: We are able to take credit/debit cards in the office. A convenience fee will apply.

*By phone: Payments can be made using a debit/credit card by phone by calling our phone service through MSB at 833-969-1220. Convenience fees will apply. This is an automated system. You will need your bill number,  tax ID (optional), and the amount you want to pay.   Please call our office if you need your bill information.

*Online: Payments can be made online by visiting the website MSB Payment System (  Convenience fees will apply.  You will need your bill number, tax ID (optional), and the amount you want to pay. Please call our office if you need your bill information.

When paying by phone or online, our office will have a receipt available the next business day after payment. Receipts will then be mailed to the address on your statement.  We can also email your receipt the next business day if you call our office and provide us with an email.


Check Payments:  Checks are accepted.  Checks received in the mail for the incorrect amount will be returned.  Bad checks will result in your receipts being voided and turned over to the prosecutor.  A bad check for personal property may result the revocation of your vehicle registration.

Payment in Drop Box:
The drop box located in the Courthouse Annex is available 24 hours a day. Receipts will be mailed to the address on the statement unless otherwise noted. Payments left in the drop box must include the correct interest and penalty for the month you are paying in.  (Please do not put cash in the drop box.)


**Reminder** Those who use online bill pay with their bank to pay their tax bill, please check with your bank about the date the check will be issued.  The banks do not directly deposit to us, they mail a paper check.  Taxpayers have had issues in the past of those checks being issued in January, and being returned by our office for interest and penalties.