Tax Bills Mailed November 3, 2017

Tax bills are being mailed today, November 3, 2017, by the County Collector’s office. Bills are mailed to the last address provided to the assessor’s office.  Please contact the Collector’s office at 573-564-2389 if you do not receive your bills by December 1, 2017.   Payments mailed must be postmarked December 30, 2017 to avoid interest and penalties.  December 31st is on a Sunday, please contact your local post office regarding postmarks and pick up time.  Payments left in the office drop box must be put in before midnight December 31st to avoid interest and penalties.

Please notice there is a change in your bills this year. A tax summary sheet is included if you have more than one bill.  The summary adds the bills listed and provides you with a total.  Please look over all your bills in your envelope to double check you have everything you own.  Property bought and sold recently may not be reflected in your bills.  Vehicle changes must be made with the assessor’s office.  They may be reached at 572-564-2445.

State statutes have changed beginning January 1, 2018 regarding penalties for paying late.  The penalty will increase from previous years.  The assessor’s office’s penalty for turning in your assessment sheet late will also increase.

Please visit the Collector page for information regarding payments and office hours.

Anita L. Sullivan – County Collector

Anita L. Sullivan

Anita L. Sullivan is the County Collector for Montgomery County.

Anita has worked for the county since 1987. She began working for the former Collector, Robert Schmidt, in September 1987. She worked for Mr.Schmidt until January 1995, at which time she stayed home to be with her children. She returned in July 1999 to the Assessor’s Office until 2002. She ran for the office of Collector that year. She was elected and took office in March 2003.

Since taking office she has upgraded the billing system and made credit/debit card payments available by counter, phone, and online.

Anita has also taken on the task of microfilming the tax records. She used the grant program through the State of Missouri to film the majority of the old tax records dating back to 1866. Part of the grants also went to moving the old tax records from the basement of the courthouse and obtaining shelving to house them in the climate controlled room located in the Courthouse Annex. She met her goal of filming the remaining real estate tax records in 2017.  She will continue to work on making sure the remaining personal property records are also preserved on microfilm. The Collector’s Office, as well as the Missouri State Archives, house copies of the microfilm.

Anita L.Sullivan
County Collector
Montgomery City
310 Salisbury, Suite C
Montgomery City, MO 63361

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